Our Practice

We are a professional consultancy firm offering services in architecture, planning, landscape & interior design


  • Detailed space & facility program
  • Drawings
  • Liaison
  • Tender
  • Project Management
  • Bill checking & certification



Efficient Planning to optimize the available space and add value to it. Sensitive communication of clients’ image through the choice of appropriate design vocabulary. Use of Space, Form & Colour to enhance the experience of the environment.


Project Management through construction drawings, specifications, tenders, progress monitoring, checking & certification is an internal part of the service. Liaison with consultant and contractor, to have one point responsibility Involvement in Legal and management issues relating to the project for early inputs & correct follow-up.


We are committed to project completion within budgeted cost & execution time. Quality is an obsession and it applies to planning, design & execution.

The principles of social, economic and ecological sustainability have been the cornerstone of our design practice over the past two and a half decades. Our responsibility towards the environment and community is evident from the design principles and material selection in our work. Alternate building technologies and material have been actively researched and used since 1989. Water and energy conservation along with waste management are integral to our designs.


Courtyards & deep verandahs for passive cooling

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting | Compressed Earth Blocks

Vaulted Roof

Ceramic fuses for vaulted form roofing

Vernacular Techniques

Vernacular Techniques

Our approach to design is a reflection of 3 themes which we have consistency developed as an ongoing research project



Learning from history & interpreting it in our contemporary context both spatially & visually is our constant endeavor.



Alternate methods of construction, education on appropriate system, materials & finishes as well as lifestyle choices are another area of ongoing research.



We explore this theme regularly to translate mission statements & guiding principles to physical reality.

The Firm
MIHIR THAKER ARCHITECTS was established in 1989. We offer comprehensive professional service for Architecture and Interiors.

Long before it became fashionable, sustainability and the use of appropriate building technology have been a recurring concern. Collaborative and association with professionals of every field is our strength and we see our role as key facilitators of value addition through this process.

Between 2005 and 2008, opportunities emerged for the firm to explore overseas expansion. These offered growth, exposure to global standards and confidence to compete with the best. We have assimilated this learning in our quest to offer superior service.


“Though not a cure for cancer or a solution to global hunger, I believe space and form influence the quality of all experiences. Therefore, I strive to make them sublime.”
– Mihir Thaker

Ar. Mihir Thaker

Ar. Mihir Thaker

Born and educated in Mumbai, Mihir Thaker graduated from Academy of Architecture in 1985. After working for nearly four years with Bharat Kothari Associates, he started his own practice in 1989.

His design efforts are often an expression of the bond architecture shares with other art forms. Over a decade of association with professional theater has strongly influenced his design philosophy and world view.

Currently, he is exploring the relevance of traditional concepts in the contemporary context as well as the balance between indigenous and acquired in design terms.