Al Marjan, R.A.K.

A residential scheme on the beach of Al Marjan (a man-made island off the coast of RAK, UAE). The villas have direct access to it and the apartments are located just behind these with views and access to the beach.

Township at South C, Nairobi

This 10 Acre residential development houses 368 apartments of 1800 sq.ft each. The low-rise design is organised around courtyards to maintain the scale to human proportion. A commercial structure at one end accommodates retail outlets, gymnasium, spa, food court, cafes and a rooftop pool. A kindergarten is tucked away , for the community children to remain within the secure perimeter of the development.

The Courtyards play the most important role in the design of the complex. Each courtyard serves the following functions :

  • Open Spaces between buildings
  • Screens offering privacy to opposite buildings
  • Space for recreation of different age groups
  • Most importantly , they serve to bring beauty and nature to the people living around them.

Each of the four central open spaces have been given a distinct identity. The four themes selected are Japanese, French, Mediterranean and Tropical. The layout, forms, material, feature elements and plantation, all have been selected to achieve the desired effect.

Apartments JVC, Dubai

180 apartments spread over 20 floors are planned at an upcoming part of Dubai called Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC). There is retail space at the ground level and four floors of parking with a floor of recreational amenities and the residences beyond. This design is understated and elegant yet sufficiently attractive to generate a positive identity in a city full of buildings competing for iconic status.

Apartments, Dubai Marina

Located at the Dubai marina, this 32 storied tower on the waterfront has apartments and two villas. The planning, design and detailing of the apartments contributes significantly to this building’s outstanding value. Two Luxurious Villas at the Podium Level with a private garden overlooking the promenade. The apartments are designed with spacious rooms and have minimum wastage in passages. The layout ensures privacy and convenience to the residents, while the broad balconies offer stupendous views of the Marina area. The concept of designing from inside to the outside ensures tremendous value to the user by careful planning of every inch. The exterior gets its value from a strong international aesthetic and reflection of the planning integrity. Security and safety have been considered most important throughout the project, be it the children’s play areas, swimming pools, lobbies or individual flats.