Township, Nairobi

This 10 Acre residential development houses 368 apartments of 1800 sq.ft each. The low-rise design is organised around courtyards to maintain the scale to human proportion. A commercial structure at one end accommodates retail outlets, gymnasium, spa, food court, cafes and a rooftop pool. A kindergarten is tucked away , for the community children to remain within the secure perimeter of the development.

The Courtyards play the most important role in the design of the complex. Each courtyard serves the following functions :

  • Open Spaces between buildings
  • Screens offering privacy to opposite buildings
  • Space for recreation of different age groups
  • Most importantly , they serve to bring beauty and nature to the people living around them.

Each of the four central open spaces have been given a distinct identity. The four themes selected are Japanese, French, Mediterranean and Tropical. The layout, forms, material, feature elements and plantation, all have been selected to achieve the desired effect.


House at Kadav

A compact 3 bedroom house on a 2 acre plot near Karjat uses local materials effectively. The courtyard theme running through our houses is continued for this one too.The L-shaped plot is neatly segregated into functional space and recreational space by the house located at the corner. The peripheral walkway surrounding the lawn and fruit trees grove is punctuated by recreational features.

House at Alibaug

A six acre farm with scenic views and lush greenery in Alibaug is the site for this vacation house. It is designed in the organic tradition to harmonize with the unique environment. The site was a delightful combination of rocky slopes, terraced paddy fields and grand old trees. Nature in its myriad beauty was abundant and varied. The house was placed strategically to avoid disturbing this balance and two distinct types of landscape generated. The house has its own low boundary containing the formal garden and stepping down from it is the formal lawn for entertaining on a grand scale. This covers barely 2 acres of the site. Beyond this polished landscape treatment, the approach is to preserve the natural rustic feel authentically. With minimum intervention, a play area and raised gazebo has been created within the woods. Large mango trees are spread all over the site and give a unifying character to it. The seasonal stream was cleaned up and beautified to become a perennially attractive feature.